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East Prussia by Cantelli de Vignola / de Rossi, 1689

East Prussia by Cantelli de Vignola / de Rossi, 1689Click to enlarge

Above in a cartouche Italian title:
LA PRVSSIA | Diuisa in Reale | che appartiene al Re di Polonia | et in Ducale che spetta all' Elettore di Brandenburgo | e subdiuisa nelle sue Prefetture | conforme il Gouerno presente | da Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola | suddito, e Geografo del | Sereniss. Sig. Duca di Modena | e data in luce da Gio Giac.o Rossi dalle | sue stampe in Roma alla Pace | con Priuil. del. S. P. | 1689.

In the upper left corner additional cartouche with dedication for Polish cardinal Denhoff who resided in Rome

In the lower left corner engraver's signature: Antonio Barbey Sc.

Uncommon and very decorative map of Prussia by Giacomo Cantelli de Vignola, who based on earlier map by N. Sanson. Map was used to illustrate various editions of an atlas titled Mercurio Geografico... , published in Rome by G.G. Rossi (and others) since 1692.

Original copperplate engraving with contemporary outline color. Map size: 42,5 x 58 cm .
Condition - paper yellowish

Jaeger E., Prussia-Karten 1542-1810, pos.78

Price upon request

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